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"My paintings are never what I wished to make them: they fight for themselves against my hand. I can’t even correct what I see to be real errors, as often as not. The finished work always surprises me...Thus, each painting reveals an unknown part of me to myself; I gain real knowledge through my art."

Aleister Crowley, Diary fragment 1920

windows to the sacred


Mystics, Demoniacs, and the Physiology of Spirit Possession in Medieval Europe


Aaron Leitch

Red Ice Radio: Lon Milo Duquette 07MAY2009 Part 1

Lon Milo DuQuette (Divination) You can devine with anything.

Lon Milo Duquette - Tarot Kabbalah & Oracles

Lon Milo Duquette - Qabalah for the Rest of Us

The Book Of Ma'at
Hymns to Ma'at: According to the Recently Discovered Manuscript

 The Book Of Ma'at:
According To The Recently Discovered Manuscript

 In 1936 Aleister Crowley wrote a letter to Charles S.Jones, one of his students of magick, aka Frater Achad, in which we mentioned a New Aeon, the Aeon of Ma'at, arriving simultaneously with the Aeon of Horus. 
  Frater Achad stated that, as Aleister Crowley had secretly informed him, the Aeon of Ma'at would begin in 1948 and last for approximately 2000 years. The New Aeon of Ma'at, which is known as the "Twin Current," because of its simultaneous development with the Aeon of Horus, is a cosmic overlap of the two aeons, whose temporal cycles run in spirals, so that each of the "Twin Currents" runs above and below the other one at any given time. The recent discovery of two notebooks which apparently represent Aleister Crowley's last books, "The Book of Ma'at" and "Hymns to Ma'at" confirm thecontent of the letter he wrote in 1936 to Frater Achad. These two last books represent, as Crowley himself wrote in their pages, "the greatest of all secrets." Also published by logostar press: "the book of ma'at".

Richard Kaczynski
= I was walking out the door when I posted but now that I'm back... Crowley's last works are clearly attested to in his diaries and copious correspondence. In his last years, he was hard at work on finishing "Aleister Explains Everything" (MWT) and getting "Liber Aleph" into press. Before that we had works like "The Book of Thoth." We know exactly what he was working on in those last years. Nowhere does Crowley reference any text fitting the description of the supposed "notebooks" published in this book, nor does their content agree with the cosmology delineated in "The Book of Thoth." I don't think the the term "double current" even entered the occult vocabulary until after "Liber Pennae Praenumbra" (ca 1977?) and its subsequent championship by Kenneth Grant. So...bogus.
Having looked at the online preview...Crowley was incapable of writing that badly.

Eliphas Levi - The Magician

  The Magician

O Lord, deliver me from hell*'s great fear and gloom!
Loose thou my spirit from the larvae of the tomb!
I seek them in their dread abodes without affright:
On them will I impose my will, the law of light.

I bid the night conceive the glittering hemisphere.
Arise, O sun, arise! O moon, shine white & clear!
I seek them in their dread abodes without affright:
On them will I impose my will, the law of light.

Their faces and their shapes are terrible and strange.
These devils by my might to angels I will change.
These nameless horrors I address without affright:
On them will I impose my will, the law of light.

These are the phantoms pale of mine astonied view,
Yet none but I their blasted beauty can renew;
For to the abyss of hell I plunge without affright:
On them will I impose my will, the law of light.

Takenfrom "TheWinged Beetle" Eliphas Levi  Aleister Crowley

* Hell: Middle English helle - Anglo-Saxon hel - meaning hidden, concealed.

Jane Wolfe Probationer A.'.A.'. 1921

Jane Wolfe was admitted as a Probationer in the A.'.A.'.
on this day in 1921 at the Abbey of Thelema

what the *bleep* do we know? FULL MOVIE

AC publications list -1995 on

publications list of the work of Aleister Crowley in chronological order since 1995.

The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley1995 – Little Poems in Prose (Crowley’s translation of Baudelaire)
1995 – Equinox III, No. 8: Tao Te Ching (Crowley’s translation of Lao Tzu)
1996 – AHA!
1996 – The Law is for All
1996 – The Equinox IV:1 (Commentaries on the Holy Books and other papers)
1996 – Little Essays Towards Truth
1997 – The Goetia (2nd rev. and corrected edition)
1997 – Liber ABA (2nd rev. and enlarged edition)
1998 – An Old Master: October Gallery exhibition.
1998 – The Equinox IV:2 (The Vision and the Voice With Commentary and other papers)
1998 – Oriflamme 2: The Revivial of Magick
1999 – The Equinox I:1-10 (2 books edition with Crowley marginalia)
2002 – The General Principles of Astrology
2004 – Liber AL (Centennial Standard Edition)
2005 – Liber AL (Deluxe Centennial Edition)
2006 – Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary
2007 – Equinox III:1 (paperback)
2007 – Portable Darkness: An Aleister Crowley Reader (paperback)
2007 – Gems from the Equinox
2008 – White Stains & The Nameless Novel
2009 – The Progradior Correspondence
2010 – Illustrated Goetia
2010 – Brother Curwen, Brother Crowley
2010 – The Drug and Other Stories
2011 – White Stains (fine art cloth edition)
2012 – Simon Iff Stories and Other Works
2012 – Best of the Equinox Vol. 1: Enochian Magick
2013 – Best of the Equinox Vol. 2: Dramatic Ritual
2013 – Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass (limited hardcover edition)
2013 – Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden (fine art cloth edition)
2013 – A Book of Sketches

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