Lon Milo DuQuette.

It is one thing to be well-read on a subject; it is quite another to be part of the subject itself. It is an unfortunate fact that there are many individuals who make magick there life without making their life magick. -  Lon Milo DuQuette.

Theory Of Everything


Fernando Pessoa

Sentir a opposição do meio é o principio do estimulo da victoria. Isto me deu o Mestre Therion com auctorização superior. Crear a desanalogia entre mim e o que me cerca – eis a primeira passada e a vigilia que começa.
A insatisfacção, eis o inicio. Honra ao Mestre que deu, atravez da ironia do que succede, a verdade que existe para que não succeda. Assim sei que sou quem sou, e terei que o ser separadamente. A alta licção do escarneo alheio alberga astros em seu futuro.
Fernando Pessoa

Henrique José de Souza (1883 - 1963) Sociedade Brasileira de Eubiose

Holy Guardian Angel


Holy Guardian Angel internal vs external

"...We have to understand that it may be more practical & effective to speak about the Holy Guardian Angel as either external or internal at various times and to different people. Crowley, when talking about whether angels & demons were truly external/separate from ourselves, remarked “Our Canon of Truth is Maximum Convenience.” If it makes communication clearer & more coherent to speak of a Being separate from myself, the Angel will be spoken of as external; if it makes communication clearer & more coherent to speak of the True Self or an aspect of oneself that is the Angel, then the Angel will be spoken of as internal. All this should be understood in the light that Godhead itself is beyond these divisions with which language inherently limits us."

Bill Murray gives a surprising and meaningful answer you might not expect.

Chair by Aleister Crowley


Hand Carved chair by Aleistar Crowley possibly depicting Baphomet, ahalf-male / half female deity.