Female Master Mystics

Helena H. P. Blavatsky Mirra Alfassa Mother Aurobindo Remedios Varo
H. P. Blavatsky                                         Mirra Alfassa                                          Remedios Varo

Alexandra David Neel https://anediseno.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/leonora-carrington.jpg
Alexandra David-Néel                                             Leonora Carrington


Breaking Down the Temple Door: by Dr Richard Kaczynski

2014 Lecture by Dr Richard Kaczynski introducing Aleister Crowley's The Rite of Mars for deluxe ticket holders to the 6th
Annual Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, Washington. https://vimeo.com/121432336

On September 6, 2014, Richard Kaczynski had the challenge and pleasure of warming up the audience of the Esoteric Book Conference for a performance of Aleister Crowley's "The Rite of Mars" interpreted as a rock opera by Eleusyve Productions. This was rock-and-roll theater, so he shot for something both informative and entertaining with his "Breaking Down the Temple Door: Aleister Crowley's Reinvention of Ceremonial Magick through 'The Rites of Eleusis.'" To celebrate next week's DVD release of this rock opera, Eleusyve Productions has shared this video of Richard's talk from that special night. Enjoy!  Thanks to Bob Jones for editing this together, to Jon Sewell and everyone else at Eleusyve Productions for putting this out, and to Catamara Rosarium, William Kiesel, and everyone else at the Seattle Esoteric Book Conference for the opportunity to speak at their always-great event. (fblink)

ABIEGNUS - "The Magus" by Herman Faulstich


‘The Magus’ means to show a little of the work of the controversial british magician, writer and mountaineer Aleister Crowley through comic book format. It is a personal work not affiliated with any groups, whether religious, esoteric, political or private company.

Having an extensive magical work jointing western esoterism with eastern mysticism Crowley was a controversial personality and target of numerous negative views because his bohemian life style out of the standards of Victorian England plus social criticism. Hence he influenced the culture of the twentieth century in a significantly way.

He was elected the 73º greatest briton by BBC.