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  1. Hello,

    There used to be a torrent on the internet called "A.'A.'- Argentum Astrum - Definitive Study Compilation"
    I have no idea if you approve of this torrent or not but I would love to posses this (or other) study material.
    I’ve tried to puzzle it together with what I already have from digimob torrents but I didn't get very far. Maybe you Can help me out?

    I have also a few questions concerning my name. My initials are G.G.G.(=777). My full name is:
    Guido = guide
    Goude = golden (I'm Dutch)
    Gallis, my family name. I'm told that this bloodline is one of the remaining bloodlines from the Druids.
    My date of birth is 15 Aug 1970 01:20 (or 01:40 not sure..)Amsterdam, Holland.
    I've been trying to find out if there is any significance to my initials, names and date of birth for over a year now but I'm still in the dark. I was hoping you can help me out.
    Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you.