Blondie's Gary "Valentine" Lachman on the Occult

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Magick and Me:Blondie's Gary "Valentine" Lachman on the Occult
David Moats , September 22nd, 2009 06:21

Former Blondie bassist and world expert on the occult Gary Lachman talks to David Moats about participating in rituals, Mick Jagger's flirtations with magick, the Freemasons, and why there's more to the occult than being a drug fiend like Aleister Crowley

..."I was involved in what is called a gnostic mass and my expectations were 'OK, here's where the wild sex orgies and drugs take place,' but it was a rather calm sober affair and nothing much happened."...

-It all began as a bit of a joke
-I thought the rituals would be all sex orgies and drugs.
-I never conjured any spirits but I did experience altered states
-Crowley is not the best introduction to the occult
-In the 60s the occult was merely fashion
-The occult is tied into everything
-Not many musicians at the time shared my interests
-The occult is not on the decline
-The occult has lost some of its mystery
-The powerful can manipulate this mystery and meaning

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