1. I know that exploring and expressing myself is my right and my purpose.
2. I know that every single other being also has the same right and purpose to explore and express their natures.
3. I accept all people no matter what they look like or believe, and I accept all moments no matter if they are good or bad.
4. I am always growing, always searching and striving ever to more in all things.
5. I look at the difficult things in life as my teachers that help me grow, and I embrace them.
6. I never forget that being alive and being aware is a mysterious blessing that always deserves gratitude and joy.
7. I enjoy the beauty in everyone and everything else, and I help to bring more beauty to the world.
8. I seek truth: I think for myself, I am honest with myself and others, and I question myself and others.
9. I explore and develop my creativity in all aspects of life, and I help others to do the same.
10. I am connected with everything in the universe, so I live in harmony with other people, animals, plants, and all other things on the earth and in the whole cosmos.
11. I laugh: I enjoy all parts of the world, and I do not take myself too seriously.

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