Aleister's father Edward Crowley 1830-1887 turned away from his Quaker up-bringing and became a Plymouth Brethren as did his wife Emily Bertha Bishop 1848-1917. Emily's father John Bishop was a farmer and had three children from a previous marriage: John Bishop 1821-1900; William Bishop 1822 and Anne Bishop 1824-1890. Aleister Crowley married Rose in 1903. Rose was previously married to Major Frederick Thomas Skerrett, R.A.M.C. 1859-1899 at Camberwell on 31st August 1897. Following Aleister and Rose's divorce, Rose married the Roman Catholic Dr Joseph Andrew Gormley 1849-1925 at Kensington in October 1912. Rose Edith Gormley died in London in 1932. Lola Zaza Crowley was born in 1907 and she married Frank Hill in Paddington on Saturday 9th June 1934. They had a child named Elizabeth Hill born in Paddington in 1935. Lola Hill died on Friday 9th March 1990 at Battle Hospital, Reading, Berkshire.

Other children by Aleister include Anne Lea Crowley known as Poupee; mother's name Leah Hirsig. The child was born on Thursday 26th January 1920 at the Abbey of Thelema, Cefalu and died on 14th October 1920, Cefalu. Also Astarte Lulu Panthea Crowley born in Cefalu on 26th November 1920 to Ninette Shumway 1895-1989. Astarte Crowley died in 2005 in the United States and she had four children, one of which is the talented musician Eric Muhler who is happily still with us today. There was also a son born named Randal Gair known as Aleister Attaturk Crowley born in Newcastle-on-Tyne on 2nd May 1937 and dying at Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire on 20th November 2002. The mother to Randal was Deidre Patricia MacAlpine (nee Doherty), born 1915.

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