Rudi Daugsch Books - Israel Regardie

- Israel Regardie.The Aquarian Press Limited 1982.

-Israel Regardie.Llewellyn Publications 1970. This book was completed in February 1936,anterior to the writing of The Art of True Healing,whilst I was still resident in London. "The Wisdom of Enlightment is inherent in every one of us.It is because of the delusion under which our mind works that we fail to realise it ourselves,and that we have to seek the advice and guidance of the highly enlightened one before we can know our essence of mind. You should know that so far as Buddha-nature is concerned,there is no difference between an enlightened man and an ignorant one.What makes the difference is that one realises it,while the other is kept in ignorance of it."Sutra of Wei Lang

-Israel Regardie.A Helios Book 1970.The first step towards freedom and health is a conscious realization of the vast spiritual reservoir in wich we live and move and have our being.The second step lies in a slightly different direction. Regulated breathing.


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