Moina Mathers
Moina Mathers 1865 - 1928
‘’Vestigia Nulla Restrorsum’’
aka “ I leave no traces behind.” , " I never retrace my steps"

- artist ( Slade School of Art
) and occultist (scrying sibyl) at the turn of the 20th century,of Polish and English Irish descent
fourth out of seven children; father, Michel Bergson (composer) and mother, Katherine Levison,
- Sister of French philosopher Henri Bergson, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927

1887, met in the British Museum, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers ,occultist, founder Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
- 1888 first non-founding member initiate on the G.D. in (March)
- 1890 Married MacGregor Mathers

- artistic contributions, creation color scales of the Order and the painting of several vaults under the instruction of Mathers,
included : the Isis Urania, Ahathor, Alpha et Omega.
- performed High Priestess of Anari, in the Isis Rites composed by Mathers and Bois.

London : Isis-Urania Temple
- 1894 Paris: Ahathoor Temple
- 1918 Samuel MacGregor Mathers died
- 1919, head Imperatrix : Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega Lodge. (successor GD, for 9 years)

- 1927, Moina's health began to decline, refusing all food (Sword of Wisdom, Ithell Colqhoun),
1928, July 25, at St. Mary Abbott's Hospital, passed away

"Dion Fortune ... claimed that Moina was responsible for the murder of a Miss Netta Fornario by means of black magic...
This accusation was ludicrous since the death of Moina occurred 18 months previous to the incident."

Samuel Mathers mentor and allied with Aleister Crowley briefly because of legal battles, and lawsuits over Crowley's publication of Order rituals

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