Alan Watts

1960 - Extract from a remarkable educational television series produced by KQED in San Francisco, "Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life". Within the context of any time between 1960 and today, this sobering logic sprinkles delightfully cool water on the dehydrated gullet of our society, beckoning the request: "More please!". ~ "This sudden dawning on our consciousness that life is not really a contest to make 'yes' triumph over 'no'... to make the positive triumph over the negative. The two sides go together. And then one sees in this strange way, that underlying all that is negative in the world, all that is in a way painful and evil, there is a kind of necessity to it. It goes with the good; it is necessary for the good. Disorder is necessary for the manifestation of order, just as you must have, say, a black background to show up a light figure."

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