http://36.media.tumblr.com/aeaa6069a5a55958a0fbabafc5b199e9/tumblr_minu6qgKP31s6e343o1_400.jpgMichael BertiauxMarjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel
                 Aleister Crowley                                                                Michael Bertiaux                                   Marjorie Cameron Parsons KimmelGerald GardnerMiguel Conner - Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio
http://www.aeonbytegnosticradio.comAlex & Maxine Sanders
                          Gerald Gardner                                      Miguel Conner - Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio             Alex & Maxine Sanders
Kenneth GrantJames Wasserman http://www.studio31.com/Carl Abrahamsson http://edda.se/index.html                              Kenneth Grant                             James Wasserman http://www.studio31.com/        Carl Abrahamsson http://edda.se/index.html

Alan MooreRobert DeGrimston Moore of the Process ChurchDr. Richard Kaczynski
                 Alan Moore                               
Robert DeGrimston Moore of the Process Church                       Dr. Richard Kaczynski

Gary LachmanHelena Petrovna Blavatsky - There is no religion higher than truth.
Mitch Horowitz - http://www.mitchhorowitz.com/
                          Gary Lachman                                             Helena Petrovna Blavatsky                   
Mitch Horowitz - http://www.mitchhorowitz.com/
Wilhelm ReichEdgar CayceDr. Nevill Drury http://www.nevilldrury.com
                           Wilhelm Reich                                                      
Edgar Cayce                                   Dr. Nevill Drury http://www.nevilldrury.com
Dr. Michael & Lilith Aquino, Church of SetG.I. GurdjieffSo there’s a new pope, what about the old pope… or at least the black pope Anton Lavey?
   Dr. Michael & Lilith Aquino, Church of Set                                
G.I. Gurdjieff                                                         Anton Lavey     
Freya AswynnMama LolaNicholas Roerich - http://www.roerich.org/
          Freya Aswynn                                              
Mama Lola                        Nicholas Roerich - http://www.roerich.org/
Hagen Von TulienBrian ButlerGreg Kaminsky from Occult of Personality
Hagen Von Tulien                                            
Brian Butler                        Greg Kaminsky from Occult of Personality
Paul Weston http://www.paulwestonglastonbury.com/JAYZUSSSSSSSSSSS!!! It is Charles Papapetrou, of the Imaginary Book Co.! Living the good life while exploring the mysteries!
Please note: We received complaints that his car keys and a photo of his lunch were not included.Annie Besant
 Paul Weston http://www.paulwestonglastonbury.com/                 Charles Papapetrou                                              Annie Besant
Jhonn Balance of CoilDaryl Hall
                  Jhonn Balance of Coil                                                  Daryl Hall

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