The Water Closet - By Lon Milo DuQuette

The Water Closet (Caliph's Advice) By Lon Milo DuQuette
(written on the occasion of his O.T.O. First Degree Initiation, August 1976 Dublin California)

Adepts and Mahatmas
Can dance widdershins
While they Devil, and Beast, and Oz it .

An aspirant’s day mysteriously begins
With a visit to the water closet.

Forefinger on left nostril
Thumb on its mate.

He blows out his air and he draws it.

With post nasal drip, pranayama is great,
While sitting in the water closet.

In Mass 44
Enflaméd he prays
So deep that he had to gauze it.
A comfort to know
Repairs can be made
By a visit to the water closet.

Hanged Man, Noah’s Ark, Osiris and Seth
Effect and all things which cause it.

How much like very much like death
Is a visit to the water closet

A few minutes after my O.T.O. First Degree Initiation I asked my Initiators (Grady L. McMurtry, Phyllis Seckler-McMurtry, and Helen Parsons Smith) for some advice they would give a 28 year old fledgling magician. Phyllis said something like ..."Focus first and foremost on union with the Holy Guardian Angel; Helen declined to offer any advice; and Grady said he asked Crowley the same thing in 1944. Crowley told him:
"As you grow older it will become increasingly important for you to visit the water closet whenever the opportunity presents itself."
Keeping in mind the particular secret circumstance of the First Degree Initiation ceremony I interpreted the advice on multiple levels.
A few weeks later I wrote this poem, and Phyllis was kind enough to publish it in "In the Continuum."

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